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Francesco ‘Checco’ Bruni wins the TP52 Worlds in Palma de Mallorca as tactician of Sled. At the helm a legend in New Zealand sailing, the five times America’s Cup winner Murray Jones, trimming the main Don Cowie, silver medalist at the Olympics in Barcelona crewing for SSL Team New Zealand’s Captain Rod Davis. Kiwi Olympic Finn Ace – and America’s Cup winner – Josh Junior was also in the team.

This is how SSL Team Italy’s helmsman commented the win:

“This class is in a great state of form and I think it’s going to stay strong, and this year has been incredible, it is impressive that the circuit has boats with such a high level. And this has been a real team effort. Without a doubt, this week was a bit tougher than the usual because of the stress and the nerves. Concentration was the key and trying to overcome the bad moments, which we all had. In the end it is a very close competition: one point has decided the whole season”.

The final TP52 Worlds ranking

  1. Sled (7,2,5,1,6,1,7,1) 30 pts
  2. Quantum Racing (4,5,3,4,5,7,1,2) 31 pts
  3. Platoon (3,3,4,8,2,2,3,6) 31pts
  4. Phoenix (1,1,6,7,3,3,6,5) 32 pts
  5. Alegre (5,9,1,10,1,5,8,3) 42 pts
  6. Bronenosec Gazprom (2,8,9,2,4,8,2,8) 43 pts
  7. Interlodge (9,4,7,5,8,6,5,9) 53 pts
  8. Provezza (10,7,2,9,9,4,9,4) 54 pts
  9. Gladiator (8,10,8,3,10,9,4,7) 59 pts
  10. Code Zero (6,6,10,6,7,10,10,dnf) 66 pts

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